"Together we Live, Apart we Die"

The wood elves are one of the many factions on the server, They own norther mirkwood, the mirkwood hills, and the woodland realm biome along with a couple other areas including northern fangorn, northern rhun, North taiga and swanfleet, Along with all of the high elf biomes.
Wood elves land Versionk 1

The vast land owned by the Wood Elves


Laerorndir: Legolas, Third king of the woodland realm.

Pvtj: Yjana: Queen of mirkwood, Wife of legolas, Elf leader of fangorn

Oggynator: Thranduil, Second king of the woodland realm, Committed suicide.

Jazmorow: Jazz, City owner of the woodland realm, Previous friends with Thranduil.

Ominous: Legolas's brothers son: High prince of mirkwood

HeroFrags_: Prince of mirkwood, Son of Thranduil, Younger brother of Legolas.

Epic Gillian: Oropher: Died in a war, previous king of mirkwood

Wars the wood elves were involved inEdit

War of the deserts: Leading attacker of the siege Along with Maas of dol amroth, After heavy losses and death of maas they were forced to cowardly call a retreat.

The siege of the great hall: The wood elves won the siege after being sieged from om after a long drawn out war in a chokeholl formation.

Allies chartEdit

  • Rhun: Enemy
  • Near harad: Neutral
  • Half trolls: Neutral
  • Moradian: Neutral
  • Tauradian: Allie
  • Dale: Allie
  • The white realm: Allie
  • Angmar: Enemy
  • Gundabad: enemy
  • Fangorn: Allie
  • Isengard: Allie
  • Elves of The Black Iris: Allied

==News==The wood elves claimed the high elves faction, There king previously gave them riverndell as a gift.