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The Lossoth (snowmen of forochel) were a remnant of the Forodwaith that survived the ravages of the end of the First Age. They dwelt in the far northwest of Middle-earthduring the time of the Lord of the Rings, in a land of bitter cold. The Lossoth were described as using bones tied to their feet as ice skates, and were a semi-nomadic people. They were not akin to the Edain, but more like to the Men of Dunland.

the faction is created by pvtj (elder_Yrjana).

the faction uses angmar alignment for rhudaur hillmen units.

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pvtj (elder_Yrjana) chieftan of lossoth

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new gondolin

the harad empire

a faction I forgot the name of :/ (will be added if I or someone else remembers the name of it)