The White RealmEdit

"United we'll reign."

The White Realm (or called WR) is one of the big factions on the server, never heard of it? Thats probably because its custom. Its capital, Cerin Nimrais ,is located straight east from the Golden Ford waypoint in Dorwinion. The White Realm currently owns the most of Palisor and other smaller territories like the field of Celebrant and also the rich Red Mountains.Its a faction consisting of Elves, Men and Dwarves together, making it the only faction where everyone of the free people is free to join. It uses Galadhrim, Gondor and Durins Folk alignment to define your rank.

Middle-Earth Mod Map

Owned by the White Realm:


At least 0 alignment each:

Knight (starter rank)

100 alignment each:

Sunblade (City Guards of Cerin Nimrais and also elite troops and commanders)

1000 alignment and a good service for the Realm(like building a city or conquering an important location):

City Lord (Lords/captains of Cerin Nimrais)


  • jacobiner(Feänor):King of the White Realm
  • Epic_Gillian, Prince of the White realm
  • ABPlaysMC(Arwen) not member of the faction, but (technically) promised to the king, Queen and ruler of Gondor
  • Gruntx:Right Hand of the King and second command
  • Star_SteelPT Loremaster of the faction, has as much power as Gruntx


The Tauredain


The Dwarves of Khazad-Dum

The Woodland-Realm

The Kingdom of Dale

Avari Elves



White Realm (Main faction)

Mithlúin (A city near Cerin Nimrais)

Red Guards (The guards of the Red Mountains)

Owned biomes: Edit

Palisor (western Rhun)

Taur Rhúnen (Forest of Rhun)

Red Mountains