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An average ranger captain.

The Rangers of the north are the remnant of the kingdom arnor, after it was defeated by the witch king. Founded by anarion, the son of elendil, they prospered until a plague struck the north, weakening them enough for the Witch-king to defeat them. The remnant went into exile, and gradually became hardier, and learned the ways of the forest. They now protect eriador from the orcs of gundabad, and the remaining orcs of angmar.

During the war of the ring, a small company went from the land to aid Aragorn in his struggle against the dark lord. These were known as the grey company, led by Halbarad and the twins Elladan and Elrohir.

Fighting style The rangers of the north are a woodcrafty folk, more skilled at hiding then most men, but less stealth than the elves. They are masters of holding of melee troops with arrow fire long enough to shred them. Invisibility alllows them to surprise melee troops.

Faction King: None so far. Aragorn now rules Gondor.

Canon characters:

Halbarad: Randomguy/ Wildboys




Angmar, And Gundabad