When the old kings of Gondor Told cities they were to leave Gondor Because of their blood. These axemen have the blood of the ancient Wolf-Rangers in the north, Who were later killed off by the cold of Forodwaith, Yet these descendants survived. they lived in Lone-lands for a while, but where later forced too leave because of limited food. so they headed south, to Gondor where they settled down. Hundreds of years later they were driven out by soldiers of Gondor. Leaderless, Weaponless, foodless and thirsty they left Gondor too leave into exile in Lebbenin. years later they decided to join in the the great uprising and kill every man, women and child who supported Gondor, They burned many cities, Killed many Gondorians, They didn't live a single man alive at the battle of Mouths of Anduin.

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Warlord/king Epic_Gillian

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Lebbenin and

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